These cymbals are a perfect synthesis of power and warmth. They are ideal for any drummer looking for a loud and powerful cymbal with quick response and a very high dynamic range.

Bionic stands for two metal finishes. First all cymbals go through a special tempering process to reduce surface tension. After that they are polished by hand until they have a golden shimmering look and an extremely hard and dense surface.

In combination with the ˜deep hammer method the cymbals get their penetrating and aggressive but still mellow and high-pitched sound.

Amazingly clean and cutting when played with the foot, unbelievable stick definition, powerful when played with the shoulder and all with surprising warmth.
All in all an amazing set of hi hats.



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About UFiP:

The UFIP history traces back to the 15th century. Ancestors of the Tronci and Biasei families were making organ pipes and candelabra for churches in Tuscany back then. Just recently a cymbal made of bell bronze was discovered inside one of the oldest churches in Florence.

This dedication to create instruments for sometimes divine musical experiences is still alive at UFIP today. Sound is always at the core of all our efforts. Machines are only utilized as assistance to hand made processes in order to ensure absolute consistency. Remotely different from mass production facilities each step of cymbal making at UFIP is controlled by experienced and dedicated cymbal smiths. A unique approach found rarely in today’s fast moving and technology oriented world.

This is the background for the top of the line UFIP range, the Roto Cast Collection which is considered as the ultimate in sound among professional artists all over the world.

Roto Casting
Ufip's exlusive roto casting creates more thickness of material at the base of the bell giving more strength and integrity of sound than any other cymbal. All other cast cymbals stretch the bell from the heated cymbal ingot once rolled. This creates weakness in that area of the cymbal resulting in common cracking problems and poor bell sound. With splash cymbals this is crucial as much more of the cymbal's surface area is the bell. There is no comparison between Ufip and any other splash.

Rotation creates energy:
Energy is the foundation for motion. And finally sound is created through motion. A basis principle, adapted at UFIP for making the world’s finest cymbals.

Using the exclusive roto-casting method, developed by UFIP, molten bell bronze is cast into a rotating mold. This ensures a very consistent, homogeneous structure and forms the basis for the following manufacturing procedures: hammering, shaping and tuning. All aspects of production contribute to the outstanding dynamic range and tonal qualities of UFIP cymbals.

Roto-casting is what sets UFIP cymbals apart from the rest: Unlike sheet metal cymbals UFIP cymbals make the difference in sound and appearance

Brand Ufip
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg

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