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Whether you’re just started out playing the drums, or are a seasoned professional, it is important to have the right gear. A snare drum is often considered the most important voice in a drum kit. That’s why the team here at Music Factory Direct stock an extensive range of snare drums to suit any drum kit or musical style.

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Buy High-Quality Snare Drums from Music factory Direct

Here at Music Factory Direct our team is made up of passionate musicians, who are committed to helping our customers find the very best equipment at unbeatable prices.

We stock snare drums from leading brands such as Gretsch, Tama and Sonor, and feature products made from a range of materials such as maple, kapur, acrylic, brass and aluminium. We also carry a range of quality, budget priced snare drums available in steel, birch or beech wood shells, which are a great upgrade to any entry level drum kit.

A Wide Range of Snare Drums at Competitive Prices

With over 30 years’ experience Music Factory Direct has been the name to trust across Australia for top-quality snare drums.
 For the collector or customers looking for that rare and hard to find snare drum, we always have a select range of second hand vintage snare drums available. From Lugwig 1920’s original hand engraved Black Beauty snares to 60’s and 70’s Gretsch and Ludwig brass, aluminium and acrolite snare drums, there is always an opportunity to pick up a rare gem at Music Factory Direct.
We dispatch the same day as receiving payment to locations across the country, so no matter where your studio or rehearsal space might be your order will get to you quickly.


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All snare drums available here at Music Factory Direct include up to a 3 year warranty, and our friendly team will help you to find the best drum to suit your needs, whether it’s to upgrade your existing snare or adding a different sounding second snare drum to your kit set up.

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